Computational Methods for Paleogenomics and Comparative Genomics

The IRMACS Center at Simon Fraser University

Welcome to the Computational Paleogenomics group of Cedric Chauve, Department of Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (IRMACS) Centre at Simon Fraser University.

The research of our group focuses primarily on methodological issues motivated by questions on the evolution of the architecture of genomes through genome rearrangements. Currently, our main interest considers the problem of inferring the architecture of ancestral genomes (of extinct species) through the comparison of related extant genomes (of descendants species and close outgroups), using computational methods inspired from physical mapping. In other words, we are designing methods, algorithms and softwares to compute ancestral genomes maps or ancestral genomes scaffolds. Combined with advances in the reconstruction of ancestral genomic sequences, ancestral genome maps and scaffolds will lead to a fundamental shift in evolutionary genomics that will consider in a unified framework both extant and extinct species genomes.

Our group works also on connected topics, namely phylogenomics, gene family evolution, in order to infer the ancestral gene content of extinct species, and genome rearrangements that aim at understanding large-scale evolutionary events between related species, both extant and extinct.

Our focus being primarily on methodological, mathematical and computational issues, our research also includes a large theoretical component, essentially in discrete mathematics and algorithms design and analysis.

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